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My name is Bruce Beihoff. I began this personal consultancy in December of 2011 after working 33 years in many primary industries and for some of the largest enterprises within these Industries. During these 33 years of engineering, technology development, and R&D management, I was awarded 47 patents, seven major technical achievement / innovation awards. In addition, I had the joy and privilege of leading diverse international teams developing a dozen major product families into production in five major industries.

My business model is a simple one. Exceptional value-add in the areas of systems modeling, inventing, and technology development for a fair and reasonable fee. I love to invent, solve tough technical problems, and lead others to achieve their goals in these admirable pursuits.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from you as regards your needs in any of these areas and I would welcome the chance to review your needs and present a proposal describing what value I could add to your enterprise. In my initial proposal, you would find a description of my approach to solving your problems, a work plan and estimate, an initial summary of anticipated areas of invention, and an outline of the dynamic system models and knowledge spaces that may be of advantage.

(This is an early version of my company's web site and I will be adding content and as my business proceeds. Please come again and review the new content as the SYSDYNETICS portfolio grows...)

Warmest regards.... Bruce Beihoff
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